Our Mission

Vision Statement

Through the arts, the KAKO Foundation is dedicated to promoting peace and tolerance. It is shaped in the belief that art can foster self-esteem, dignity, pride, community and civic engagement. Nurturing the artistic gifts in every child is essential to breaking and ending the devastating cycle of violence, exclusion and poverty. More than any other art form, music has the ability to rally entire communities into creating a harmonious environment. The KAKO Foundation seeks to provide a brighter future for the youth of Haiti and the United States.

Mission Statement

The KAKO Foundation is dedicated to bringing art education to children and youth of Haiti and the United States; to provide an outlet for their creativity, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


The principal objective is to provide a positive, supportive and educational environment to underprivileged children within their community. Through music, the project will create opportunities for all children to achieve a healthy life style, by promoting cooperation, team spirit, self-confidence and respect for one another.