Our programs are vehicle that can be used to increase children’s creativity and self-esteem. The KAKO Foundation has four major programs:

  1. Music
  2. Paintings, sculpture (Future)
  3. Dance (Future)
  4. Drama, theater (Future)
The Music Program

The objectives of the Music Program are to create opportunities for children to:

  • Learn and play an instrument
  • Receive general music instruction (ear training, theory, music history etc.)
  • Attend concerts, music camps, master classes, festivals, conferences, exchange programs, etc.
  • Attend tours, competitions etc.
  • Participate and perform in bands, orchestras, choirs, etc. and provide:
  • Experienced teachers for musical instruction
  • Exposure to renowned national/international artists and music teachers, and any other activity that would help the Foundation achieve its goal.

Please refer to the document below for additional details on the Music Program.

KAKO Foundation Proposal